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Just the facts...

A short history of the trio...

Tommy Aduddell and I (Dan) first started playing together after we met at a gig in Canton, Texas over five years ago. I was playing harmonica, percussion and singing backup for a popular group called The Haywoods. Tommy came to the restaurant where we were playing to eat dinner but wound up sitting in on bass guitar. We liked him, and his guitar playing, so we asked him to come back the following week. He eventually joined the group as a full-time member.

We were the house band for that venue for over two years. Those were some great times! It was a wonderful, relaxed place to play with many great people! The restaurant finally closed it's doors after a long run so we moved on. We played all over East Texas with that group and enjoyed it very much.

Later, Tommy and I struck out on our own as a duo and played for a while under the name of
Aduddell and Botkin with just the two of us sharing vocal duties. Tommy was on guitar and bass while I played harmonica, percussion and added keyboards to our mix.


We also put together a successful "Blues Brothers" Act that we had great fun with playing conventions and stage shows...

Sevetal years ago, Tommy met Mike Roberson who just happened to play some great lead guitar plus 
he could sing those high harmonies we were missing! After we jammed together a few times, we invited Mike to join us and 
Botkin Aduddell Roberson Trio was born. 

The name
BAR trio stuck as the short name for the group!


The guys...The current lineup for the trio is...

 Dan Botkin:
Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion, Keyboards

Tommy Aduddell:
  Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar

Mike Roberson:
  Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar

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